I must confess, I’m a shopaholic! But I do buy consciously. I like to own garments and accessories which I know I can wear more than once, mix with different items, to create looks true to my style. Wether it is a necklace, shirt or skirt it has to captivate me, to the point of nearly stealing my sleep (not so much, but sometimes!)In the Wardrobe series, I will be posting about the key elements to anyone’s wardrobe, (or my wardrobe in this case), those must haves, timeless pieces. In this first instalment, I will be Talking About: Jeans

Jeans were originally used as labouring clothing. Denim, being is a strong textile due to its composition can endure hard work. Traditionally jeans were dark denim colour with amber stitches, but nowadayswere there is rarely a limit, all those ideals have changed. Thanks to technology, the composition of fabrics with different threads, the multiple chemical washes and distress applications, gives every pair of jeans an unique look. That, and the assortment of shapes, length and colours!

One of my favourite styles are the “Boyfriend”. They are baggy in the right way, low waist, and best of all… Huge pockets! In my humble opinion, they look super chic, although they are not so popular with the opposite sex,
as they prefer to see girls wearing other more “flattering” shapes. But who cares! I dress for myself, I choose my looks accordingly to my mood, keeping the
weather in consideration (not always) and being truth to my style. I pair my jeans either with a pair of killer heels to go for drinks after work or metallic trainers if I can’t be bothered to get blisters on my feet.

On the other hand, who doesn’t love a pair of “Skinny Jeans”? They look great with pretty much everything. I must have at least 3 or 4 pairs, in different tones, but all with the same cut.

My last purchase, is a long lost friend that during this summer has resurrected, like the Fenix from the ashes… The Wide Boot Cut Jeans! Omg!! In Colombia, where I’m originally from, we call them Pantalones de Bota Campana (bell boot cut jeans) and I loved them, although they used to be very, very low waist! I’ve been wearing them for a more relaxed look during the “summer” like days (in London), with a pair of sandals and a white shirt.

What I truly love about Jeans is that wide variety they offer, in shape, colour and even texture. They literally adjust themselves to anything you need. It doesn’t matter if you wear them while traveling, to run errands, go to work or just to stay home, Jeans are your faithful companion as they transform with the garments and accessories you pair them with!

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