For many years I despised rings. I use to think that my fingers were to skinny and bony, but one day I was visiting the South Bank Centre for the exhibition of Yayoi Kusama – Walking in My Mind. There was a room in which everything was covered in red with white polka dots, very bright and bold but never the less, amazing! In the gift shop I found this ring, big, red and with polka dots… And I said to my self… This is the one, my own, my precious! (Sorry, couldn’t help my self with that one, lol!) but it was, I didn’t care how my fingers looked because this ring was simply lovely. And that’s where it all started. Since then, I’ve been buying rings non stop!  But just to be clear, I don’t buy like there is no tomorrow, I get pieces that catches both my heart and my eye. 

 For example this MARC BY MARC JACOBS gold and gunmetal-tone hinged ring. You can wear it as a one ring or spread it and wear it over three fingers!

Or the statement clear crystal Swarovski Nirvana ring, which on it own paired with a great nail polish changes completely your look!    

My latest purchase is a gold-tone indented Calvin Klein ring, which I haven’t have the occasion to wear yet, but I can’t wait!!

So there you have it, some of my favourites rings. Perfect way to give a special touch to your look!

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