So today I was hungry… Although breakfast time was long gone, I wanted waffles! As I mentioned before food is a huge part in my life, so anything I eat, I take the time to prepare it as I hate pre-prepared food.

Couple of months ago, well more like last November I saw a video of a waffle maker, where they prepared a lot more than just waffles, and then it became my new obsession. Finally I bought it in March and since then, it has become the star of the weekend breakfast as we try different waffle recipes and different toppings so every time is a whole new experience.

So today, when the weather can’t decide if it’s hot or cold, sunny or it will start raining, I decided to spoil myself with Waffles! Keeping the mix simple so I could add some fresh strawberries, whipped cream and the unmissable, unbeatable Aunt Jemima maple syrup!

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