Who doesn’t love a good summer weekend scape? But no one would think of Germany as their destination for obvious reasons, no beaches and London-like weather pretty much, doesn’t make it very appealing. I’ve been meaning to travel to Germany for a while, but always something has come up and it’s been seriously delayed. 

In this opportunity I visited Eschwege, where my boyfriend is from, a little town pretty much in the middle of Germany. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard from it, as many Germans don’t have a clue where it is. 

As a first glance Eschwege is charming, it has traditional german architecture and the best thing in my opinion, friendly and welcoming people! 

This weekend, the Open Flair Festival took place, which is attended by over 20000 people, more than the people who actually live there, just to give you an idea of the city’s size. To be honest I didn’t know any of the bands playing, mainly german ones, but the atmosphere was amazing. 

As any event in Germany, huge quantities of beer was consumed, overall the local delight which is Eschweger Klosterbräu. I’m no beer expert at all, as I’m more of a nice glass of bubbly type but, as we say in Colombia, “Embrace the traditions of the land you visit” or “A la tierra que fueres, haz lo que vieres”. 

Overall, it was an amazing, extremly hot weekend, chilled by beers and great music!



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