I think we can all relate to the dilemma when it comes to diets… which one works, is it the right for me, etc… Well, I’m not known for being the most healthy eater in the world, as many know, I am very, very picky eater and to add to that, I have a phobia with certain consistencies when it comes to chewing. Please, don’t go all crazy at ones, but it is actually hard, to not be able to eat like many people do, not objecting or anything like that. I’ve tried to overcome it but is not as easy as it sounds, overall when you try to explain yourself to people who don’t know you, why you wont eat a certain thing and the first thing they do is judge you and question you, and finally telling you that you are crazy. Trust me, it has happened plenty of times and you get use to it. Anywhere I go, I always find something to eat, won’t starve myself. Luckily pretty much every place I’ve visited has bread, so if its only bread and water, so let it be (this happened when I travelled to India, because Oh My Life… that was spicy!) Just to give you an idea, consistencies like tomatoes, which are hard on the outside but all squishy and juicy in the inside, make me shiver, literally even just by writing about it.

So going back to the point [Diets]. At the end of September, I’ll be going for my long planned, well-deserved beach holiday in Greece. So literally I’m not ready at all to wear a swimsuit, for my own personal standards. The truth is that I am not fit, never been, and probably never will be. I like to eat, but I like to fit in my clothes and not buying larger sizes every time I go extra exited in the desserts department. So I will be going under diet, following the Paleo Diet ideals and combining it with calorie-weight control formula (from an old, but always good diet) in the hopes that I will fit in my lovely swimsuits. So basically my last post with nice, rich French toast, will be the last, for the next months. You can expect some “healthier looking dishes” and lots of self control.

So here it is! To a healthier me… Let the healthy choices begin!

So today as the first day, I started with poach egg, salmon and avocado for breakfast, very yummy, but omg, you literally cannot rush for this. For Dinner, as I was still a bit full from breakfast, I kept it simple with stake and avocado! By the way Avocado is my favourite food so luckily, this diet allows me to eat it as I please! 



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