Everytime an opportunity to collaborate arises I embrace it as if it was my own. It always starts the same way… A short brief to get you exited, followed by a mood board to make sure everyone is on the same page with visual aids. In this opportunity, I got the chance to collaborate with the extremely talented Charlie Prendergast in the final of 1st year: Hair Up at the Toni&Guy Academy in London. 
This was the moodboard that Charlie approached me with:   

 And some inspirational images:    

In regards to the clothes, Charlie was looking for strong siluettes, bold colours and key jewellery pieces. For this brief I responded more looking into the whole idea, his source of inspiration, as at the end they all have to look like they belong together. For projects like this, I like to contact student designers first, as it’s good exposure for them and they are extremely talentes with very fashion forward proposals. Unfortunately as its August, most of them are on holidays, back in their hometowns and unavailable to lend garments. So I found myself with a dilemma of where to find something to fit in with the brief.

As most stylist, we treasure certain garments that we reuse, restyle and reinvent accordingly to our needs. In this case I took out my black long mesh skirts, which on its own has a beautiful flow, and I paired it with a lace body from MissSelfridges. The look was lovely but it was still missing that volume, that extra texture to make the look Pop Up from the others. 

Some time ago, I bought two tulle skirts, letting my weird obsession with tulle skirts take over me, and luckily this was the solution for this task! Btw I studied fashion some years ago (which gave me very useful skills) and drapping has been always one of my favourite things to do, as just by moving the fabrics around a garment can change completely. So I applied the black tulle skirt on the long skirt and started playing with the layers and making different forms, creating an unique look. 

Sadly Charlie didn’t win, but as they say: It is not the destination but the journey that gets you there. It was an amazing outcome and all the creative team (#teamboomba) was very proud of the final outcome!

The Outfit: Shoes by @valentiniargyropoulou ; Body: @missselfridgesworldwide ; Tulle skirt: @asos ; Skirt in mesh: mine 😁

Let me introduce you to the #boombateam 

   Hair: Charlie Prendergast; Make Up: @josie_chan_ ; Shoes: @valentiniargyropoulou ; Model: @jasmineclark_ and Styling by me! @manutb14

And some close ups on the hair so you can see Charlie’s wonders!








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