About a week ago, I told you I was going to start a diet. And here is a bit of what I’ve been eating, feeling and dreaming about.

The first thing was to prepare. Literally, planning, making a 2 week meal menu, so we can have a variety of meals and it also makes it easier to know what you need to buy. Things like Ghee, coconut oil and different spices, to keep flavours interesting without adding calories and obviously buying everything organic and overall grass fed.

Let me start with the breakfast. Working early most of the mornings makes it a bit tricky when you are suppose to eat protein in each and every single meal, but as there is not always time… there is not much I can do than to snack on fruits, well the few ones that I eat, like mango, banana or granny smith apples!

Lunch is a whole new game. Obviously, I wouldn’t be full after a pity breakfast, then lunch time is the time when I get it back, well, kind of. I will eat two eggs either poached, scrambled or fried, an avocado (yummy!) and some sort of diary source, like a fresh mozzarella.

To end the day, Dinner will normally consist of an avocado, protein, veg (pretty much always spinach) and a portion of sweet potato, which I’m currently obsessed with.

Although I am eating properly, I can’t help to crave something sweet, as I was used to eat an ice cream a day, or pizza, pasta… anything containing carbs! But I can proudly say… I haven’t cave in! I’m sleeping better, my skin looks healthier and I feel wonderful. But I have to admit, my eyes are set on my birthday, which is in a couple of weeks and that day I will have cake, not just any cake, it is not fancy, but very simple and pretty much anyone from my city has eaten, but I’ve been dreaming and drooling about and I can wait to bake it!

So here are some of the amazingly yummy food I’ve been eating lately!

  Rice with Spinach, steamed Salmon, fresh Mozzarella, avocado and Sweet Potato fries.
Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella with spinach, wild mushroom sauce, sweet potato fries and avocado!

 Steamed Salmon, rice with spinach and avocado
 Pork meatballs, ragu sauce, avocado and sweet potato fries

  Chicken with chorizo and spinach, white potato mash and avocado
  Snack time… green olives

  Home made burgers, mozzarella and avocado
  Fresh fruit and water with lemon

Vegetables soup

If you would like any recipe just drop me a message!

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