When it comes to sushi I’m extremely picky, as “Sushi is fish, wearing couture”. I like the mixture of textures and flavours, and where better to have it than at Sticks’n’Sushi. On this opportunity I visited the one in Covent Garden. 

The atmosphere as always was great. There is not much decoration around the restaurant, apart from the clever T-shirts the waiters wear as each has a different translations from English to Denish (at no extra cost). The place showcase great pieces of furniture, like big tables to hold all your different choices and comfortable chairs to keep you as long as you want to eat! But let me emphasis on the food, the food… Is to die for! 

As we like to eat, and we often have trouble deciding what to choose we went with the easy choice of the set menus. We had the Mini Maki De Luxe, Man Food, some Hosomaki rolls and our favourite… Hotate Kataifi Bites. 

So if you like sushi, you need to visit Sticks’n’Sushi as soon as you can… You won’t regret it!! But make sure you book a table in advance to avoid long queues. 


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