And as any other year, it came the time of my birthday! Couple of years ago, I met someone who asked me to summarise my year, to balance what I’ve learnt, achieve, what I look for the year to come and what I would like to leave behind. Since then, this thought is constantly in my mind, and always on my birthday I count my blessings, my achievements, set new goals and do an overlook of what has been going on. 

Overall, what I wanted the most in my life was peace. Peace with my self and my life, to accept what I can’t change and always look at the positive side of things. I’m grateful that long time friendships remain strong even though we are hundreds of miles apart. I’m grateful for my family, who is always there, no matter what. And above all, of life itself. As every day it presents new challenges, new opportunities that keeps pushing you even when you do t want to move. 
This time, I retreat with close friends to a cottage in Whiltshire, where we literally didn’t do much, apart from eating, watching movies, playing cards and volleyball when the weather allowed it. 
Let me start with the fact that I got sick. One of those lovely colds you get for the drastic changes of temperatures (thank you London), so dealing with fever, a sore throat and runny nose was sadly, the main event. Therefore you can forgive the lack of nice pictures as I wasn’t in my brightest spirits. 
You remember I mentioned I wanted to indulge and break the diet by baking a cake typical from Colombia, similar to a Victoria Sponge but instead of jam and cream, you use Dulce de Leche (kind of a sweet/salted caramel). Well that didn’t work well. If you like to bake, you’ll know that the oven is a big issue and that no oven is the same to another. Well the cake didn’t rise, and add to that, the cake got a bread consistency/flavour that was not planned for. So that was a big failure! Although the it looks great in pictures, hehehe. Thank God one of my friends brought a chocolate cake to indulge us, otherwise we wouldn’t have a nice cake to eat! 
In regards to the food, I will post it another time, as there are a couple of recipes I want to share with you!
While playing cards one night, we got into talking about what’s the importance of birthdays and how they change with the time. I reflected on the fact that the older I get, the less I care about the quantity, and more about the quality. I used to go partying, have lots of people joining, some whom I wouldn’t even know, or worry about the amount of people who congratulated me on my Facebook page. Now, I treasure those heart felt messages and enjoy with friends that have been there through thin and thick with me over nice food in a place where we can actually talk and enjoy each other’s company. 
So here it is, my wonderful birthday weekend with ups and downs but overall, I was surrounded by lots of love and great food! 

One thought on “Talking About: Birthday Weekend

  1. Montserrat says:

    Que lindo que tuviste a tu lado, personas que te aprecian y valoran, que aunque el impase por tu resfriado, no te dejaron decaer, te animaron y motivaron.
    Gracias por compartir tus vivencias.


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