As I mentioned on my previous post, Talking About: my Birthday, I will share with you the recipes we used for our little “Feast”.

Let’s start with the meat. We prepared a whole fillet steak in the chimney. We (Colombians) call it “Solomito al Trapo”. To prepare it, you will need a chimney (obviously), or a barbecue with wood, NOT coals. A white, pure cotton flannel or tea-towel, big enough to cover the whole meat. Sea salt, a lot of salt as you will need it to cover the meat with eat. Also you’ll need a cotton lace and a bottle of red wine, this can be any of your choice as it is to marinate the meat overnight. 

The night before you will put the whole fillet steak in a container with red wine (of your choice), pepper, a couple of bay leaves and leave it to rest overnight until you are ready to cook it. 

Make sure the fire is nice and constant as the meat will cook in it. Proceed to extend the tea-towel and spread enough salt to place the meat. Be aware that the salt layer must be between 1cm thick. Continue to pour the salt while rolling the steak in the tea towel. Make sure it is very tight. When finish, tide it with a cord, soak it in the wine and place it in the fire. Here is when it becomes tricky as there is no way to know when it is ready. It all depends on the size of the piece. On this occasion my meat measured about 20cm long, so I left it for about 10min in the fire. And the result was a lovely rare steak. If you like it medium-rare go for 15 min, but this method of preparation is NOT suitable for medium or well done meat. Again, the time depends on the size of the meat, and with time you’ll get the handle of it. 

Once your meat is cooked, take it out from the fire, you’ll notice that the whole piece has become very hard. This is because the salt crystallises and makes something like a “shield”. Anyway, put it in a chopping board and crack the “shield” and use the left over wine to clean the meat, as it might have pieces of the tea-towel or salt you want to get ride of. 

Now you are free to slice this juicy piece of heaven in any way you want, and more important Enjoy!


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