Fashion Scout brought to us this year the 10 of the most promising Fashion Designers from 2015 February and June Graduate Shows.

Some of my favourites are Milena Konakchieva’s design, implementing wooden bag handles and using fabrics for upholstery.


The delicate use of flowers and bold silhouettes by La Petite Fleur.


The tribal inspiration from Melissa Villevielle, with empowering messages collided from her sketchbook.

IMG_5766 IMG_5765

  Han Kim with bold colours and shapes


Sebastian Freeburn delighted with embellished subtle details on his collection. IMG_5892 IMG_5887

and finally Katie Roberts-Wood presented bespoke silhouettes, and an amazing use of leather.IMG_5718IMG_5721

Photos by: Laura Isaza

3 thoughts on “Talking About: LFW Graduate Showcase at Fashion Scout

  1. Love the look of Sebastian Freeburn and Katie Roberts-Wood creations x


    1. manutb14 says:

      It was an amazing exhibition. Always love to see what young creatives are up to!


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