Me and my boyfriend have been dreaming of some well deserve beach holidays, but due to our busy schedules it was delayed until now! So finally we are off to Rhodes for a whole week. Obviously, there has been a lot of planing, bookings and anticipation.

Nowadays it is so easy to travel, as thank life for cheap plane tickets (although what you save in money you pay it with the lack of costumer services most of the time) that sometimes to check in a bag is conceded a luxury, which is crazy! Anyway, so you book the cheap flight but then you need to pay extra for the bag, so you can take with you all your precious creams! obviously, that adds you extra weight to pack enough clothes for the time you’ll be away.

First of all, I’m a bit of a control freak, I always need to pack in advance. I need to get everything ready so I won’t forget anything, or in case I need to buy something. Most important than swimsuits and clothes for me are my beauty products. I think we all like to invest money when we can, in ourselves. That’s why we buy creams, hair treatments, etc that fulfill our needs, and although sometimes, those are a bit out of budget, we still treat ourselves, as who else will take care of us if we don’t bother? 

It looks like the weather will be amazingly warm and sunny, but as its an island and it’s late September, there could be some thunderstorms. So, hopping that I packed everything I need, here I go to Rhodes!   


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