Now that the “summer” is gone, and the very cold nights are freezing my bones, what’s better than a home-made tomato soup! This recipe is so easy and tasty that is crazy!

All you’ll need are 5 tomatoes per person and only 1 onion! That’s it!

Start by washing the tomatoes, remove the vine and proceed to cut and X on the skin of the tomatoes. Peel and chop the onion and place it all in a sauce pan. Pour water enough to cover all the tomatoes and put it to boil until the tomatoes “melt”. After this, put all the contents in a blender until it’s all smooth. If you are picky like me, you can pass the soup through a strainer.

I like to convert this simple soup in an Mexican inspire soup. I add boiled chicken breast, avocado, sour cream and mozzarella. You could have some nachos on the side and enjoy!  Here are some “step by step” pictures of the preparation. Hope you try and enjoy it!



4 thoughts on “Talking About: Tomato Soup

  1. Montserrat says:

    Me encantó, le puse un poco de pimienta. Super facil y rápida de elaborar


  2. iseraaj19 says:

    The Spanish version sounds much better than the plain tomato soup! 😄🍴


    1. manutb14 says:

      I know! Try it and tell me how it goes! 😋


      1. iseraaj19 says:

        Ok. I’ll probably try it next week. Thanks!


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