We were invited one night to dine at Gu7, one of the three a la carte restaurants in the hotel. The difference was that only this night they were offering a new menu, all based around Lobster. The ambience of the restaurant is lovely; the windowed wall is removed bringing a summer breeze in, blending the exterior with the modern design of the place.

We were greeted with a chilled glass of Champaign; we took our seats and got ready for the evening feast. The menu consisted of 6 dishes, as I mentioned before, showcasing the not so lucky guest of honour, the lobster.

We started with a delightful Red Tuna tartar with Avocado and Lobster Carpaccio with lime mousse, beautifully presented and very well seasoned, although the lobster was overpowered with lime. IMG_7203

Next, we had a Cappuccino of Lobster with sea-bassIMG_7204 quenelle, the presentation was lovely, in very smart looking cups, but I’ve personally
have an issue when it comes to lobster soup.

After this, we had Saffron Risotto with Lobster and Shrimps. I personally love Italian food, and the trick to risotto, apart from achieving theIMG_7206

perfect concoction is the flavour you create in the consommé. It was creamy, full of flavour and very cute!

To refresh the palate we were presented with a fresh Green Salad with Lobster flakes and IMG_7214pomegranate balsamic v
inegar. As you know, salad is not my thing, so I happily eat the lobster and the bread, but loved the idea of creating a “basket” with the bread to encage the salad.

IMG_7217The main title was self explanatory, Surf & Turf. Grilled half Lobster aromatized with butter, a grilled Beef fillet with chardonnay sauce, lentils and some sauté vegetables. All delicious but to be honest, by this point I was pretty full, so I ate as much as I could because last, but not least was the dessert!

Trio of Chocolate delicacies… Oh my Zeus! When the dish arrived, I didn’t even know where to start. A delicate chocolate tuile, a rich chocolate brownie and a chocolate ball, which contained vanilla mousse, all to die for and the best way to finish a lovely dinner. IMG_7224

3 thoughts on “Talking About: A Lobster Feast!

  1. Graziella H. says:

    Yum!!!! Fancy fancy!


    1. manutb14 says:

      Fancy and delicious!! 😋


  2. Montserrat says:

    Da gusto poder tener una invitación de esa categoría, como protagonista La Langosta. Dice el dicho popular que la comida entra por los ojos y se esmeraron mucho al emplatar cada uno.


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