Talking About: Car Boot Sale

October 12, 2015

London is a wonderful place with hidden treasures in every corner. Some are free, some costs £5 and some… lets not get into that. I love to wonder around London when I have the time to do so during the weekends, and in this case we ended up taking part at the Car Booth Sale in Kings Cross. We had to pay a small fee to enter but, it was totally worth it.

Places like these always hide wonders, as any flee market would do, but this time, the exhibitors are curated, so they are all pretty amazing and to top that, most of the displays were on or around antique vehicles, having the owners dressed up in coordinating outfits with the fashion of the time.

Some displays are more “out there” than others, but they are all wonderful!

So if you come across a flea market or a car booth sale don’t hesitate to swing by, as it is a great place to find inspiration, some lovely food from the trucks to enjoy the last days of “warm” days.

IMG_7304 IMG_7305 IMG_7307 IMG_7309 IMG_7311 IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7318 IMG_7321

The Look: Michael Kors Bag; Zara shorts and blouse; Boots from Aldo; H&M Blazer; Jewellery from Swarovski.

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