Whenever I’m feeling blue, I always crave sweets. The issue is that I don’t want any kind of sweet, I want something that brings me back home, even if its just for a couple of hours. Hence today I bring you a recipe to prepare Flan. Flan is something like a milk pudding, really easy to prepare, rich in flavour and not so healthy, but delicious!

You will need 6 eggs, 2 tins of condensed milk and the same amount of whole milk and a spoon of vanilla essence. Separately you’ll need 1 cup of sugar for the caramel and water.

IMG_4936Start by preheating the oven to 200 Celsius. Then start preparing the caramel. I prefer to do it in a light colour sauce pan so I can see the colour the caramel is taking, as you don’t want it burnt but not too light yellow. Put the sugar on the sauce pan and then add enough water to cover the sugar. Put it on the stove and wait until the caramel is the right colour.

Put all the other ingredients in a blender and put it on the side.

Once the caramel is ready, pour it in the foil tin. I like to do it in the one with a hole, as that’s the way my family prepares it, but whatever you like would be fine. Although you shouldn’t use the one that you can remove the bottom, as the mix is too runny and it will just make a huge mess. Once you have covered all the inside with the caramel you can pour the mix from the blender and just place it in the oven for 45min and check if its ready by placing a toothpick and see if it comes

out clear. If its still not cooked, leave it for 10min extra at the time, always checking as you don’t want to overcook it!

When it is finally ready, let it rest somewhere in the kitchen to cool down. After it is at room temperature, place the fan in the fridge and leave it as long as you can, minimum for 6 hours. I tend to prepare it the night before I plan to serve it so it will chill properly.

Finally when I’m ready to serve, I pass a knife around all edges to help to unmold. Find a plate that will fit your flan, place it on top of the mold and turn it around. Gravity will work its wonders and the flan will come out beautifully. With a spoon take out the rest of the caramel and pour it on top of the flan… and enjoy!

One thought on “Talking About: Homesick Treat – Flan

  1. Montserrat says:

    Que delicia de Flan, es un Postre Estrella, para terminar ya sea un buen almuerzo, o una buena cena.


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