Honestly I can say I love dating! That feeling while doing make up, trying to decide either to wear your hair up or down and finally which clothes to wear for that especial night. Although we were on holidays, that is not an excuse to not have one of our specials nights in Rhodes. I love surprises, and this time my boyfriend took me to a lovely place in Rhodes, Wonder Restaurant. Don’t judge too quickly by the name, as I did, but once we arrived to the place, it literally took my breath away.

The restaurant is located on a side road in the new town in Rhodes, it compromises a lovely garden lighted with fairy lights, which gives it a magical and even more romantic feeling to the night. The menu has enough choices for picky eaters like me, so that’s great, it’s more a Mediterranean cuisine, and to be honest I was glad about it as eating Greek everyday got a bit overwhelming.

So, I look at the menu and I read one of the best words in the world: Avocado. I mean, you’ve seen how crazy I am with avocados, I pretty much eat them in every meal, and since we arrived in Rhodes I haven’t eaten it, so, praise Zeus, this was heaven! They were kind enough to serve me a side of only avocado! We share a carpaccio starter, olives, tzatziki and bread. For the main I ordered Beef Gorgonzola, a very tender steak with Gorgonzola sauce and rigatoni pasta. My boyfriend ordered the Fish and Mussel Casserole, which I didn’t try because, you know, picky eater! But he said that it was amazing. By the end of all this we were so full that we didn’t even look at the desserts menu, but I caught a glance on the next table and the sorbet looked delicious.

IMG_7097 IMG_7076 IMG_7075 IMG_7089 IMG_7079 IMG_7080 IMG_7081 IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7087 IMG_7088 IMG_7092

2 thoughts on “Talking About: Dating in a Relationship

  1. Great article! Love the dress and the food looks delicious!


  2. Montserrat says:

    Lindo el sitio, la iluminación y decoración, los platos muy bien presentados, un lugar excelente para una buena invitación..


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