I love the way a photography can transport you back in time, inspire you or even cheer you up when nothing else seems to work. This time I want to introduce you to an amazing photographer very dear to my heart, Anai Bharucha. Having a keen eye for detail, Anai’s work always has a narrative, were she indulges the viewers through her lens. Currently she is based in Mumbai working non-stop for different publications.

Favourite project you’ve worked

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 1.02.43 pm

  • My favourite is soon to release. But my final major project in uni still remains quite close to me – The Boiling Point

Key Accessory or something you never leave the house without (fashion orientated)

  • My vintage Hermès watch

Song you are listening to?

  • Livewire by Oh Wonder 

Are you currently reading any Book?

  • Dior Couture by Patrick Demarchelier. Reading images does count right?

Favorite place to eat

  • Home, with the family

Name one of your guilty pleasures

  • Sleeping in 

What/who inspires you

  • So much does! My mom’s closet, Tim Walker, my grandma, the textures on a beach, an orange! Everything really inspires me in some way. 

Best Advice you’ve been given?

  • Spend more time being, not doing. 

You can check more of Anai’s work on her website

You can follow her on Instagram @anaibharucha and


One thought on “Talking About: #successfulwomen – Anai Bharucha

  1. Montserrat says:

    Tuve la dicha de conocer a Anai y sus Padres, que personas tan cultas y tan sencillas. Además vi parte de su trabajo , es muy buena.


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