On this occasion, I would like to introduce you to the talented Carolina Ronderos. A Colombian Fashion Designer based in Cali, who loves to tell stories with her designs, using pristine materials whilst embracing traditional techniques. To achieve this, Carolina is set up to invest in the community, as the bespoke pieces are partially produced …

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Perfume “is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion… that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure,” Coco Chanel once explained. For me, perfume is the final touch to any of my outfits. My mom has always been obsessed with perfumes. When I was little she will buy be those children eau de toilette with …

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Brunch, that lovely word that allows you to indulge with breakfast delights even in the early afternoon and as well to drink mimosas before 12! Walking around my beloved Fulham, I came across this little restaurant Manuka Kitchen.

Constantly I’m looking up to the people I’m surrounded by, and how in very different ways they inspire all the time. I would like to introduce you to some of them, and invite you to see their work and what they are up to at the moment. Firstly, I would like to introduce you to …

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Talking About: Car Boot Sale

October 12, 2015

London is a wonderful place with hidden treasures in every corner. Some are free, some costs £5 and some… lets not get into that. I love to wonder around London when I have the time to do so during the weekends, and in this case we ended up taking part at the Car Booth Sale in Kings Cross. We had to pay a small fee to enter but, it was totally worth it.

Places like these always hide wonders, as any flee market would do, but this time, the exhibitors are curated, so they are all pretty amazing and to top that, most of the displays were on or around antique vehicles, having the owners dressed up in coordinating outfits with the fashion of the time.

Some displays are more “out there” than others, but they are all wonderful!

So if you come across a flea market or a car booth sale don’t hesitate to swing by, as it is a great place to find inspiration, some lovely food from the trucks to enjoy the last days of “warm” days.

IMG_7304 IMG_7305 IMG_7307 IMG_7309 IMG_7311 IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7318 IMG_7321

The Look: Michael Kors Bag; Zara shorts and blouse; Boots from Aldo; H&M Blazer; Jewellery from Swarovski.

On my first post I roughly explained why I was starting Talking About: Lifestyle. Now that you’ve seen a bit of what the blog is all about, I want to share the journey that brought me here. As I mentioned before, I’m Colombian, actually half-Colombian, half-Spanish. I started studying Fashion Design in one of the …

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As any day in London, the weather is something you can never fully prepare for. Although it was sunny and kind of “warm” I couldn’t contain myself and wore black and white.  I wore my little black dress from Zara, which is a must in every girls wardrobe, I paired it with a white shirt …

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